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Popular Cars

Dodge Dakota


This is 2005 Extended cab 6ft bed automatic 4x4 pick up. it dos have one side finder dent, it does have very good tires set. A/C power winder Locks.

150k Miles

Honda CRV


1999 Honda CRV with Black Color Almost new tire 4x4 with original 116k Mile Car has not been driven very much, very nice clean allot more to go.

116345 Miles

mitsubishi lancer ex


2003 Mitsubishi Lancer 4 Silver Door Automatic A/c Power window Locks cd player nice clean run great drive. nice dependable for work.

104451 Miles

Toyota Corola


2003 4 door Toyota Corola with 178k long drive Mileage, No issue run Great drive excellent. A/c cd Player Power widow locks good tire threads no exhaust sound smooth quite.

178835 Miles

Honda Accord


Its 2008 Honda Accord with 200k still go for more with gold color and clean cloth interior, with power windows door looks and more,. does A/c work, it may need cd player it does have sound. it does have some scratches front and back bumper and passenger side rear door..

20000 Miles

KIa Rio


This 2009 Kia Rio 4door Automatic standard option. low mile just need some cleaning run drive great dependable for work.

104k Miles

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